Joel Anderson to take on Redbull Hardline

Massive drops, huge jumps, and insanely steep & technical sections, all unrelentingly stitched together in the Dyfi Valley in Northern Wales.

The Redbull Hardline is DH plus FEST all on steroids!

So how do you get the chance to ride this behemoth of a track? Well it’s invite only, and we’re stoked to say that Joel Anderson’s name was one of those penned onto just 26 very special invites.

We caught up with Joel to get his thoughts on being invited to ride this infamous event.

What’s up Joel! Wow so sick that you’ve been invited to one of the gnarliest events in MTB – Hardline, you must be stoked?
Yeah man it was all down to Kaos Seagrave getting me in! Can’t wait to hit some big stuff again!

Riding Fest you’re used to riding some of the worlds hugest jumps – how does Hardline compare to this in terms of the magnitude of the features?

The jumps aren’t far off but I’ve been reliably informed the jumps are the easiest bit!!

You’re a pretty well decorated local DH racer so no stranger to going fast against the clock and winning, will your approach to Hardline be any different to a normal race?
I just wanna do nac nacs and no handers on the live stream!!

Any special training planned to prepare for the race?

I’m just working at a bike shop and riding with mates at every opportunity

What’s your bike setup going to be? Anything different to normal?
I’m getting a 29er demo which Bruni is destroying the competition with so I’ll be getting used to that at hardline

Reckon you can take the top podium spot?
It looks like the winner has the least mistakes but like I said I just wanna qualify and not take limbs off!

Anything “Speshial” coming up you can tease us about?
Let’s just say diggers dig faster than shovels and if I were to acquire a field it would get scary quite fast!

Make sure you tune in to Redbull TV September 14th & 15th to watch Joel in action.

Remind yourself of just how much of a wildman Joel is with a selection of his videos from the past few years:

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